Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8 Top men

My take in a nutshell:
Not as good as last week overall! It was not horrible, but I thought did not compare much to last week. My favorites were all 3 Daves ( although I thought Dave A. (dream scream) did not do as well).

The Best performances of the night:

Jason and David C. Although, I really wonder if it was the performances or the Songs that I just love anyway.

Something about David C. just bugs me. He thinks he is better than he is or something. What is it?

I think Danny had his best night yet, but still gets on my nerves ( his haircut is mine I tell you).

Going home:
Luke has had his time to shine...someone DOES HAVE TO GO HOME. I am not sure about the other one. Danny is top pick of vote for the, I am at a loss to the second one...maybe Chickezie.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10 top women--Better as Well?

I will have to agree with Randy there ( Sara) that I am not so much into the girls this year as I am the guys...This, as I was contemplating, isn't really anything that NEW to me. Sorry if there is not much I write. I am going to leave this more for what everyone else thinks about it.

The girls seemed a little blah to me. The Men seemed to improve whereas the ladies seemed like maybe they were too confident. I was looking for more!

Brooke White was much better than last week (yeah Brooke--maybe it was the guitar. I am actually liking that you can do instruments this year, shows a different side to things).
There are some obvious ones who will stay no matter how poorly of the performance, those being Carly, Asia'h and Kady...they need them to be around!

Going home---

This one is hard. While I actually like Amanda, I think she hardly hit any of the notes and it just wasn't good (and at HER style and year of music, that is sad). Kady is awesome with the impersonations, but I feel her Real presonality is somewhat of a letdown...and I believe if not tomorrow she goes home soon(even though she did not do that bad tonight in my opinion, and her opera is great) Who do you think? Need help with this one.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 10--Simon pics---Was it Better?

Once again...I MOSTLY agreed with what Simon had to say. My overall take is that tonight for the top 10 was BETTER that last week for MOST of the Men....Mainly: Chickezie, Jason, Luke and yes even Danny (I still think he looks like a girl--don't you?)

Top 2 suprises of the night:
Chikezie and David H!
After last week, these two really stepped up in my opinion and showed us what singing is really all about. Chikezie really likes to talk back to the judges ad it is starting to wear on me...just let people vote for you already!

Another surprise of the night would be David Cook. I have not been the biggest fan of him, but I did like when he brought out the guitar and started rocking. We need a good rocker (sad little face goes out to Daughtry!)

The two going home...
This one was a harder pick for me as I thought everyone did so much better this week. I would have to say Jason Yeager and Luke Menard, simply because I thought they were rather boring and don't have a lot of support!

Last but not least...
My top pic of the night:
The one and only David Archuletta---He just makes me smile! Go David!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Vote OFF!!

The first of the sad nights was tonight and let me just say, I WASN'T ALL THAT SAD! Everyone KNEW Amy and Garrett were gonners. My hubby called Colton out (good guess babe) and Spencer (Paula) picked Joanne. Checkezie had it easy---he could have been a gonner!

Sad to say goodbye, but they were easy pics for leaving! See ya. What is with Simon hitting people when they are already down? I felt bad. Although, Simon never hid his dislike for Colton, saying he never wanted him. So, when Simon did say " you will never make it...He ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT!"
As a final note---What are the opinions of the "comeback of Paula?" Her voice isn't digitized at all is it?????

"Time" chimes in--grades the contestants

Time magazine has a section online with somebody reviewing the performances. Of course it is all one person's opinion. I, of course, as the "Paula" judge simply love everybody, think they all look fabulous "tonight", and "I'm going to have to pass" on some of the Time's opinions. But it is interesting to read another perspective. (It reviews all 24 contestants--starting with the girls).
PS: I'm not really the Paula-like judge. I'm just the odd man out. I'm much too critical of the idol performances to afford lengthy posts. I will admit that it takes us a little too long to finish one night of idol with DVR simply because we're constantly pausing it to critique the performances or to share our opinions with each other. At least we get to skip the commercials!

David Archuleta--My favorite audition recap!

Besides David, my favorite part is RANDY singing along! Go RANDY! I love it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls NIght--Who was better? (Jamie's Takes--)

Amazing enough, I was not on the same page as Simon as I usually am...He just didn't like the people I liked.

A quick overview:

--It seems like the people get better as the night goes on. I believe this was the same for last night and tonight!

--The people I really really wanted (Brooke White for example) didn't quite cut it for me for some reason. Just not quite there, still amazing, but not where I wanted it.

--Again, the best girls night on Idol yet. Even the ones that weren't good (Amy Davis, and Kristy Cook) weren't THAT bad. I rather enjoyed the overall night and would be happy with any one of them!

--My favorites of the night were the final 4 performances:
(which goes with my previous comment that they got better as the night went on)

Syesha, Asai'h, Ramiele and Carly were by far the best!

I did not agree with Simon about Carly. I thought she was amazing, as usual, and was my top pic.

The two going home:
--This one is really hard, but I think Amy Davis and Kristy had really off nights. They have as well not been in the public eye that much, so they don't have many rooting for them already. We shall see tomorrow!!